All Partners

  • Micsteve10-10dairyfood

    We produce, and promote all kind of goods and services, both local and international.
  • Forsek

    It is into sales and distribution
  • Dovizia PHARM

    Committed to the optimum health of individuals and the community at large through quality drugs
  • Benjamin Michaels Limited

    Benjamin Michaels Limited (BM) is a registered pharmaceutical marketing company operating in Nigeria and the West Africa sub region. Our partners’ are Ginsana SA (Switzerland), Qualiphar (Belgium), Neopharma (Abu Dhabi, UAE), PiC Solution (Italy) and Alpressan (Germany). We are committed to delivery of top quality products and services in the healthcare industry.
  • Phamatex Nigeria Limited

    Phamatex Nigeria Limited is the Sole Agent to Hovid Malaysia here in Nigeria. Phamatex Nigeria Limited is responsible for Marketing and distribution of all Hovid drugs in Nigeria
  • Longrich

    Jiangus Longrich Bioscience Co Ltd known as Longrich is a China company that specialzed in the development and production of daily consumable goods and healthcare products which legally practice drirect selling in China and abroad since 2009 with their OEM/ODM capabilities and their products is currently in more than sixty Countries and regions around the world.
  • Biogenerics Nigeria Limited

    Biogenerics Nigeria Limited is a specialized pharmaceutical company, with focus on pharmaceutical sales and marketing in Nigeria. We currently have products in Nigerian market used in cardiovascular medicine, psychiatry, anti-infective, respiratory medicine, gastroenterology, oncology, surgery and pain management. Biogenerics Nigeria Limited was set up with the mandate to provide Nigerians with Bio-equivalent medications of highly priced branded products from multinationals in Nigeria. Our mission is to provide these medications at 10-40 percent of the prices of the branded products, making it very affordable for Nigerians.
  • Kayhelt Pharma Ltd

    Pharmaceutical company into marketing of eye drops, ethicals and OTC.
  • Vanix

    Deals on pharmaceutical products

    Zifam is an Australian multinational pharma industry that deals on Pharmaceuticals(ANGITEL(Telmisartan),ZICLOFEN(Aceclofenac),LVZ500(Levofloxacine 500mg)etc and Neutraceuticals(VIBRAN,ZILIV,ZIQ etc). We are committed to giving you the best of Pharmaceutical care through our high quality products from AUSTRALIA.
  • Mirian Ujunwa

    AGCERA NUTRITION is a clinically tested and proven stem cell product made from 8 powerful natural ingredients of fruits and vegetables. Agcera replace dead and worn out cells, replenish the cells, rejuvenate the cells thereby making the cells restore their lost normal functions and when this is done the body in general is healed of ANY type of disease conditions.
  • COKA

    World wide KD, you can contact me anytime and we'll talk about it.